Nancy’s vision for our
district and New Hampshire

“A thriving private life and business culture has
always been supported by smart public resources.”

Bring back jobs

Our state was hit hard by the 2008 recession. As we’ve recovered from that difficult time, the COVID-19 crisis has set us back again. Now, we will need to work twice as hard to find ways to attract business and create new jobs for our citizens and pay them a fair wage while protecting our environment, health, and the quality of life we cherish.

Grow our economy

As we begin to recover from this current downturn, let’s make sure we grow back better and smarter than ever. This crisis is an opportunity to encourage people to start the businesses they’ve always dreamed of and keep favorable tax rates that attract companies to set up shop in our beautiful state.

Strengthen public education

As we plan to reopen our schools safely, we must also make sure we have the protective equipment and safety processes in place for our faculty, staff and students. And, we must work together and find a bipartisan solution to fund our public schools and offer competitive salaries to attract the best and the brightest teachers. This will give our students the cutting-edge education they need to succeed and compete on the world stage.

Engage with the community

We, as elected officials, are chosen to do the work of the people—for the people. Yet, too many politicians neglect the community that put them in office by focusing more on the needs of their party than the people they represent. We must elect leaders who will stay connected to their constituents and work with both parties to find ways to put citizens’ interests first.

Make voting simple and secure

Our democracy is only as strong as our ability to express ourselves with the ballot. The more we vote, the more politicians listen to us and reflect our interests through their policies. We must make sure our in-person and mail-in voting systems are easy for all citizens to access and use so we can elect the government we truly need.

Offer quality affordable healthcare

We must use our state’s resources to expand healthcare opportunities to businesses so that they, in turn, can offer employees an affordable avenue for coverage and embrace all available resources at the state and federal level. This will guarantee that every citizen of New Hampshire is covered and feels confident they can get the best medical care available when they need it.

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