Smart leadership
with a heart.

For New Hampshire’s 14th Senate District—
Londonderry, Hudson and Auburn

We are one people, one community.

But our partisan politics are failing us.

As we get through the COVID-19 crisis together and keep our families afloat, the economy keeps suffering, public schools struggle with plans to reopen, and thousands of Granite Staters are still out of work. 

However, rather than working on bipartisan solutions that will move our state forward and out of our crisis situation, we are being let down by NH politicians who consistently vote along their party line. This is not democracy.

Democracy works best when we work together. 

Imagine, instead, if Democrats and Republicans rolled up their sleeves and worked together to serve their community. Imagine if they created intelligent solutions, passing legislation and policy that served the citizens they represent. 

We must require more from our elected officials, making sure they work together and lead. New Hampshire is in crisis and we are looking to our leaders for guidance and confidence.

I feel the urgency to fix this
as much as you do.

I have had my share of tough times. During the crash of 2008, I was the stay-at-home mom while my husband was laid off and out of work for almost two years. I didn’t find a job until 2010, and then in 2013, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am lucky to have had health insurance then—and can’t imagine fighting a life-threatening disease without it. And I feel grateful to have survived. But those were hard years.

Now, I have a son at UNH, a proven nine-year leadership role with the Londonderry School Board, a mother in an independent living community that I run in Bedford, and a husband who was furloughed from his job. With all this going on, the direction our government takes can make or break our lives.

The stakes couldn’t be any higher.

Let’s bring our powerful
message to Concord.

As a life-long citizen of the Granite State, I’m proud of our independent spirit. We’re resourceful people who can channel our determination and resolve to work across party lines. We must work together to revive our struggling economy and reopen schools in the most intelligent and safe ways possible. 

We have work to do. Will you join me?

Nancy’s top priorities for New Hampshire

Revive our

Grow the
NH economy

Reopen schools

Please join our movement